Acrylic Nails Kit Full Set for Beginners with Acrylic Powder Acrylic Liquid Monomer 12 Glitter Nail Tips Acrylic Nail Art Decoration Tools


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Brand: Bonamour

Color: Pink


  • ⭐ Professional Acrylic Nail Kit: Come with acrylic powder, acrylic liquid monomer, Top Coat Base Coat, UV gel, 12 color glitter, rhinestones, nail tips and other basic nail tools.
  • ⭐ No Nail Lamp Needed: Avoid skin hurt and nails damage. It allows you to finish your nail art faster instead of taking time to cure the nails after applying every layer.
  • ⭐ High Quality Formula : Our acrylic powder, nail glue, base and top coat are all made with high quality ingredients, which can last more than 21 days. Attainable flexible top coat avoids nicks, chips and smudges.
  • ⭐Shiny Glitter Powder: Nice and clean, it makes your nail attractive and sparkling.
  • ⭐ Ideal Gift Choice: This acrylic nail kit is a perfect gift choice for your partner, wife, mother, sister or girl friends and excellent for birthday, wedding, home, parties, Valentine’s Day and outdoor.

Package Dimensions: 50x150x400

Details: Product description

Our acrylic nail kits full set contains: According to the sequence of using
1 x Nail Buffer
1 x Nail Glue
100 x White French Tips – 10 Different Sizes
100 x Natural French Tips – 10 Different Sizes
1 x Nail Clipper
1 x Base Coat – Primer
1 x Nail Acrylic pen
1 x Painting Pen
1 x White Double Dappen Dish
1 x Nail Flowers Monomer – Acrylic Liquid 75 ml
3 x Acrylic Dip Powder – Clear/White/Pink
12 x Nail Art Glitter
1 x Curved Tweezer
1 x Silver Crystals Rhinestones
1 x Mixed Colour and Shape Rhinestones
1 x Top Coat
1 x False Practice Finger – Optional
2 x Finger Separator – Optional
20 x Nail Form Sticker – Optional
1 x Poly Nail Extension Gel – Clear UV Gel Optional
How to use
Stage 1: Prepare your nail
1. File nails then buff with Nail Buffer
2. Gently push cuticles back if needed
3. Find proper nail size
4. Apply nail tips with nail glue
5. Cut nails down to the length you want
6. Cut nails to make coffin shape then gentle file where tip meets your nail. This helps to have a smooth finish and no humps. Buff any rough edges
7. Apply the nail form on nail – optional
8. Apply base coat
Stage 2: Make the Acrylic Flowers
1. Pour the Monomer into the left side of white double dappen dish
2. Mix a glitter with clear/white/pink acrylic powder in the right side of the acrylic dish
3. Dip the brush into the Monomer to moisture the end
4. Run the brush through the mixed acrylic power so that a small moist ball collects on the end of brush
5. Press the acrylic ball on your nails for 2-3 times then let the acrylic dry
6. Apply top coat
7. Put rhinestones or other decorations
8. Put another layer of top coat


How to extend your nail with nail form 1. Apply the nail form on your nails correctly 2. Apply base coat and cure it 3. Put the nail extension gel on nail forms 4. Form it to the length , thickness and shape as you like 5. Cure it with the nail lamp for 90 seconds or wait for 5-10 mins until it dries. (This kit does not contain a UV Nail Lamp). 6. Trim and shape your nail 7. Apply top coat 8. Cure it and beautiful extension is finished

Legal Disclaimer

Attention: 1. To achieve the finest results, clean the surface of your nails, brush the base polish, and place it onto nails. 2. When applying the base coat / top coat, a thin layer is enough. And remember to cure it. Or the occasion of falling off or not easy to dry will happen. 3. We always provide our best service, if you have any problem with this acrylic nail kit, please feel free to tell us, we will try our best to help solve the problem.

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