FH Speed Resistance Power Harness Resistor | Rugby Football Training Equipment



Brand: Fitness Health


  • Harness One Size Fits All – Waist 30- 42 inches
  • Attachable Wide double hand grip foam handle
  • Strong harness with padded shoulder straps
  • This Harness has been upgraded- All padding, handles, and connections are 100% Stronger
  • 10 Ft Quality long nylon webbing with handle and fitness health case

Package Dimensions: 92x298x380


Fitness Health Speed harness training is excellent tool which can increase both your speed and strength.

The harness is attached around the upper body and comes with the cord attachment. The cord attachment links to the d ring on the back of the harness. The person wearing the harness starts running, whilst the training partner is able to control the resistance, by slowing down the speed of the sprinter and releasing to speed up.

Ideal for your sports sprint training ,hockey, rugby, short distance running and athletic sports.

Adjustable harness fits waist sizes. under 43 inches

Strong nylon harness with padded shoulder strap is joined by 10 Ft long nylon webbing with a foam handle at the end of the harness.

Complete with attractive carry bag.


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