Saint-Acior Gel Nail Collection 36W LED/UV Curing Lamp 12pcs Gel Nail Polish Set Nail Salon Kit Manicure Design Set



Brand: Saint-Acior

Color: 1 GP21-G12C


  • Complete Gel Nail Starter Kit: 36W UV/LED USB nail dryer, 12 colors gel nail polish 8ml(0.28 oz), topcoat&basecoat(8ml), nail tools, nail decorations.
  • 12 Gel nail polish collection:12 different colours gel polish, meet your needs to do beautiful nail art.
  • 36W LED/UV Nail Dryer: Automatically infrared induction design, hand in, lights on; hand out, lights off. 3 timer setting 60/90/120S, you can choose as what you want. New advanced double source light, perfect for cure all kinds of gels.
  • It will long lasting for at least 2-3 weeks if with proper application, without harm to skin. Warm tips: do not soak off in warm water for a long time.
  • Application: Suitable for professional salon beauty shop or at home personal use,UV gel nails,false nails,acrylic nails,nail tips and more

Package Dimensions: 92x214x740

Details: Package included:
12x 8ml Gel Nail Polish
1x 36W UV/Led nail dryer
1x top coat
1x base coat
1x cuticle fork
1xcuticle pusher
1 x Nail Cutter
1 x Nail Brush
1 x Cuticle Revitalizer oil
2x Nail Seperators
1X dotting pen
2x nail file
5x nail cleaning pads
10pc nail polish remover pads
3x nail stickers
1x 12 Varied Colors of Rhinestones Wheel

Please note: Saint-Acior Gel nail polish need to cure under UV lamp or Led lamp.

Step 1 : File the nail slightly with fine file
Step 2: Using cleanser to wipe the nails
Step 3: Brush base, and curing under UV or Led lamp
Step 4: Brush soak off gel polish , curing under UV Lamp (2-3 minutes)or Led lamp (30-60 seconds)
Step 5: Brush soak off gel polish again ,curing under UV or Led lamp
Step 6: Brush top coat, curing under UV or Led lamp , then wipe

Why did the polish chips peels quickly ?
(1) Not file the nail slightly. if you want the polish last longer, the first step is important, file the nail and keep them dry.
(2) May be your base and top coat are not good quality. Our brand base and top coat will be better, it is our customers feedback to us , if wear our polish, it is better to combine our brand base and top.
(3) Base and top wear too thick or inhomogeneous, then it will peel off easily.

How to soak off ?
Step 1: Soak off the nails into acrylic remover about 5 minutes;
Step 2: Rip down the whole piece of nail enamel gently on each nail as they get soften.


(1) There will be a little difference in colour when looking from different screens.
(2) Please test if you are allergic to this product before use, if you are allergic, please stop using immediately.


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